Crochet Monday!

Alright, I’m actually going to start posting to this blog now that I have some things to post about. I’m going to be posting on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays about crochet, tea and photography.

Crochet Mondays will include mostly crochet-related topics, but I may wander off into other crafts.

Tea Wednesdays will include anything about tea. Mmm.. can’t wait.

And lastly, Photography Fridays – I will be posting one or more photos taken by me for your viewing enjoyment. 🙂

So anyway, now that we’re through with the introduction, let me get started.

I wanted to show off the crochet projects that I have thus-far completed. I started crocheting in December of 2007, so I haven’t finished too many projects. I started crocheting because I was wandering around Etsy and kept seeing these cute stuffed animals that people were calling “amigurumi”. I just had to figure out what that was and how to make my own. (The bunnies that Willy-Nilly Waterlily makes are absolutely adorable and the first example of amigurumi that I’d ever seen.)

MouseThe first amigurumi that I made was a pattern from the book Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute, a little mouse. He turned out alright. Kind of silly-looking, but the cats loved to beat him up! 🙂

The GabuMy next project was The Gabu, a cute little alien head… thing. He was quick and easy to make. I just recently started using him as a pin cushion. I feel a bit sadistic stabbing him in the head with pins and needles.

After the Gabu, I made a little octopus based off of the Ollivander Octopus pattern. I wasn’t able to fit more than six legs, so I’m not sure you could really call him an octopus, but I think he turned out to be really cute with his big, black eyes.

Working on the octopus inspired me to want to also make this Amigurumi Squid – isn’t he cute! I currently have the body finished, but only two of the tentacles. Only having 6 stitches around to work with is a real pain. The legs are taking me sooo long.

Amigurumi BirdyAnd right before I started the squid, I made this bird based on the Birds of a Feather pattern. I shortened the middle of the bird quite a bit and I didn’t have any orange or yellow felt to make a normal beak, so he ended up with a black one. I think he kind of looks like a swan to me. A short… fat… not-very-elegant swan.

And that’s all I have done so far as amigurumi goes. I’ll share my other crochet projects next Monday.

The last thing I want to bring up today is that Wibit at Roman Sock has been nominated for the Soft Awards for her super super cute pom Twinks! Vote for hers and your other favorite softies!

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  1. peachesaplenty says: Reply

    And I thought I was the only one who felt sadistic putting needles into my amigurumi!

  2. In reply to peachesaplenty:
    Haha. Glad I’m not the only one too! My boyfriend often makes fun of me for being too nice to inanimate objects (or small creatures like bugs).

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