Tea Wednesday: Oolong #18

Oolong RiceI decided to try a new, random recipe—oolong rice. I started by steeping Oolong #18 from Adagio for 5 minutes then added it to the uncooked rice and fish (for protein and omega 3).

I forgot to take an after picture, but the before looks more colorful. Once cooked, the fish blends right in with the rice-not a very inspiring meal, but it tasted alright. I might steep double the tea to the same amount of water next time for more flavor because I couldn’t really taste it. Maybe a black tea would have stood out a little more in the rice.

I love oolong teas because they seem to be the best of both the black and green tea worlds. A green tea with a smokier flavor or a black tea that’s lighter. (I am so bad explaining flavors… Sorry.) If you haven’t tried an oolong, don’t be afraid—it’s the median between black and green and I highly recommend it.

Oolong #18The leaves of this oolong in particular, Oolong #18, unravel and rehydrate beautifully. It would be nice to have an all-glass teapot and watch the leaves untwist and grow. I took a photograph of the leaves before and after steeping, it’s a big difference. I don’t know if the image even shows the comparison that well. Not many of the teas that I have steeped have turned out like this.

Oh no, not like that.To end today’s post, I just wanted to show a funny little faux pas that I encountered during a visit to one of my favorite (not-so-authentic) Japanese restaurants in the Orlando area. I ordered an iced green tea (which was on the menu, so this wasn’t a custom request) and I received an iced water with a green tea bag in it. Needless to say, it still tasted pretty much like water by the time I was done with my dinner. 🙂

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