Photography Friday: Decisions.

More feet

I'm gonna get 'im!!

Getting tired.

I know, I know, more pictures of my cats? Well, I don’t have kids, so what else is there to keep me entertained? 🙂

While on the subject of photography today, I am in the process of deciding what camera I want to get before our next vacation. John and I are going to be going to The Keys for a week in July and my Kodak CX7530 digital is just not cutting it. Although I took quite a few pictures during our road trip and during our little weekend stay in St. Augustine, I could have gotten so many more if my camera: a. wasn’t slow as slow can be and b. didn’t eat batteries like The Cookie Monster eats cookies. It takes almost 20-30 seconds for the thing to even start up and the lag between pictures is beyond annoying. I don’t mind the time so much at home and for still-shots because my subjects aren’t going anywhere but during our vacations, when we’re trying to see as much as we can before we have to go back home, my slow camera is the bane of my existence.

So my decision is between the Nikon D40 Digital SLR and the Canon Rebel XT Digital SLR.

I don’t care about megapixels—the last time I even printed a picture from my computer was a 3×4″ tiny print. I’m mostly concerned about the quality of the picture, a broad choice of lenses and accessories and the ability to upgrade to a different camera body without getting new lenses at a later date.

I went to Best Buy last Sunday to check out all their cameras. At the time I was still deciding if I even wanted to spend so much money on a DSLR and thinking that an advanced digital might be an option. As soon as I picked up the Canon Rebel XTi and heard the glorious sound of the camera lens snapping open and back closed, I knew there was no way I could even consider a regular digital camera. It started up faster than I could say “pie” and it could take 3-4 pictures in the time that I could say the word.

The Canon seemed to auto-focus faster but I thought the Nikon took better pictures. It may have been the lenses, which I’m not too familiar with right now. The Canon also compensated for shaking of the camera, which I also believe was a feature of the lens (though I’m not sure).

If anyone has anything to add before I make my decision (which will be in a couple months), please do so. I’d love to hear anyone’s input. I think I’m set on the Nikon only because a few people I know already own a D40 and a D80—they take beautiful pictures.

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