Tea Wednesday: Infusion Tea

Since I’m not a tea expert or anything close to one, I feel a little uncomfortable doing tea reviews all the time. (Especially since almost all of my loose leaf teas are from Adagio Teas.) I really need to read up on my tea adjectives so I can give a good, concise review. Until I do that, I thought I’d recommend a cafe in my area (Orlando, FL).

I’ve only been to Infusion Tea once so far, it’s a little far from my house and I never really have anyone to go with. It’s a cute place with a few tables and a couple couches. When I went, there was a great band playing, the atmosphere was relaxed, the woman behind the counter was patient and answered all of our silly questions. My sister, boyfriend and I ordered our teas—iced Orange Flower Oolong for me, some herbal tea for my sister and an iced Chai for John—ordered a cucumber tea sandwich and chilled on the couch.

My biggest problem at most cafes is that my tea is almost always overbrewed and bitter, Infusion did a great job. My iced tea was perfect, they didn’t overbrew it and they didn’t add too much ice and make it watery.

As indulgent as it was, I loved the cucumber and cream cheese sandwich—with the crusts cut off, I might add. It was a bit pricey, but worth it to have someone else prepare. The veggie chips that came with it were delicious. John went and bought us a container of them to take home, from what I remember, they make them there at the cafe.

After the sandwich, I also tried my very first vegan cupcake. :9 Pretty good!

I’ve been wanting to go back pretty bad, I just have to talk someone into going with me. 🙂

See Infusion’s MySpace and their tea menu.

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