Crochet Monday: Starting something new.

Single CrochetI’m starting another project. I know I already have three work-in-progresses… I just can’t help myself. I haven’t finished the squid because the tentacles are a big pain. The doily is a long, detailed process—I really have to be in the mood to work on that. And the “secret” WIP is getting a bit repetitive and working up very slowly.

I’m getting a little cold, so I wanted to work on something that wouldn’t take quite so much concentration. I decided on a scarf. I’ve only been crocheting for half a year now and have already finished two scarves, so they’re easy enough. Saturday night I started a pattern with double crochet stitches and puff stitches, I got through about 10 rows and decided I didn’t really like the way it was looking with my Landscapes yarn and ripped it out.

I started over on Sunday, trying a few different patterns. I didn’t really like any of the patterns I was trying—they had detailed stitches but the yarn is so chunky that you couldn’t really appreciate the complexity of the patterns. So I did a couple swatches of single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet and asked my sister what she liked best—single crochet was the winner.

Single CrochetI’m still working out how I want the scarf to end up but so far I think the single crochet works well with the colors in the yarn. The yarn reminds me of candy, birthday cake with sprinkles or any other colorful kid’s dessert food.

It’s so soft, I really like working with it. Most yarns I’ve tried start to feel weird between my fingers, like I can feel every fiber as the yarn passes through my fingers, but this one feels nice.

It’s also feltable, I’m not sure if that’s a plus with me or not, seeing as I’ve never felted a thing in my life. Maybe it’s time to try. A little coin purse or something could be really cute!

I don’t really have much else to talk about for crochet. Since I’m getting sick, I’m sure Wednesday’s tea post will be full of “I tasted this” and “I tasted that”. (Or maybe that I drank lots of tea but couldn’t taste a thing.)

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