Tea Wednesday: Chocolate and Tea

Starbucks Chocolate & Tea PackagingI went to Publix during lunch yesterday so that I could get some cash back. I knew when I got there that I wanted to get some chocolate. I am a chocolate fiend. Sunday John and I went to the grocery store and I tried some dark chocolate with ginger made by Chocolove. Interesting flavors, not for the feint at tongue. (Okay, that was bad, sorry. :D)

I still had a hankering for more interesting chocolate flavors. Starbucks Chocolate & Tea Packaging I’d seen chocolate with tea before. So when I saw this box of Starbucks Chocolate and Tea sitting on the shelf in the candy isle, I got so excited. Honestly, I think I made a strange “EEEE!” sound and bounced a little.

Anyway, onto tasting.

The texture is smooth and gritty at the same time. The ground tea leaves in the chocolate are what create the gritty texture. (I’m not sure if gritty is a good word, since that sounds kind of gross to me. It’s a pleasant kind of crunch.) The chocolate melts around the leaves, adding to the great textural difference between the ingredients.

There are three different flavors included in the box I bought: Chai, Passion and Citron. They all had a spicy quality to them. The Passion has little bites of tangy fruit. The Citron has an overall lemony flavor and the Chai is spicy all around. The melding of chocolate and spice is amazing and unique. It’s a complicated set of flavors. I guess they’re called “tasting chocolates” for a reason, you really take the time to taste them and think about the things going on in your mouth when you’re eating them.

The taste and texture actually remind me a lot of the Earl Grey cupcakes that I made a couple weeks ago. I guess it’s that gritty bite that the ground tea leaves give the food.

How could you not want to eat that? :9

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  1. This is such a nice post! I love different textures and flavors in chocolate…I like bergamot, so I’m hoping for chocolate with earlgray and maybe vanilla. I had earl gray shortbread once…I think I may have to make some!

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