Photography Friday: Little Me

Instead of posting photographs that I have taken myself, I thought I’d post some photos that my mom took of me when I was little.

Mmm, yummy
Wow, so I really loved the spaghetti. I loved it enough to put it on my forehead. I’ve seen this picture many times but I just recently noticed the girl in the bottom right corner with the orange in her mouth. So random. It’s almost a surreal-looking scene, everything is off-kilter, my face is covered in food, there’s a crazy girl in the corner, and what looks like a black, blank scroll on the wall.

Best Outfit Ever.
What is it with dads letting their kids dress so ridiculously? He must be so proud. Haha. Giant gloves, giant hat, Navy shirt and tights? Nice. 🙂

View more pictures of me when I was younger.

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