Crochet Monday: Another scarf, a pouch, blanket and uh oh…

So I had a pretty good weekend when it came to crochet. I finished a scarf, started and finished this Hundred Yen Pouch, bought enough yarn to start this Tiramisu baby blanket, and some extra yarn to… dun dun dun, try and learn to knit!


ScarfI created this scarf with Lion Brand Landscapes yarn, just a simple single crochet stitch throughout the whole thing, except the little “window” where I used double crochet.

I think this is the first project I should block before called it “finished”. The “window” bows in from the rest of the scarf just a little bit. I’ve never had to block anything, sooo I guess we’ll see. I guess you need an iron for that though and an iron I do not own.

I love the way the scarf turned out though, blocking or not. Who knows when I’ll ever get to wear it. It gets cold enough for a scarf maybe a day or two out of the year here in Orlando.

Hundred Yen Pouch

100 Yen PouchI have trouble keeping my purses and totes organized, even with a couple pockets here and there, I’m always fishing for my keys. I was reading Imagine—Melissa needed a pouch to keep track of all of her yen while living in Japan. I thought it was so cute that I decided to make one for myself in a slightly larger size so I could keep my keys and chapstick in it. (Honestly, I wanted to put my little cellphone in there but was too lazy to check the dimensions of my phone while I was working on the pouch to size the whole project correctly. Shame on me…)

100 Yen PouchSo with the rest of my Landscapes yarn, I made my own Hundred Yen Pouch. It turned out great and was so easy to make, I want to make a few more. I’ve already gotten compliments on it from my family. (I think that means they want one. ;p)

Some in thinner yarns would be nice for this pattern, like the worsted weight Melissa used. And while I’m making things to compartmentalize my purse, maybe I could make a little cellphone holder. It’s going to get so scratched up in my bag with nothing to protect it. I’ll have to do some research and see how I should go about doing that.

Tiramisu Blanket

Since I’ve learned to crochet, I’ve been wanting to make a blanket so bad. I guess it’s the thought of being curled up in the corner of the couch, snuggled up and crocheting seems so nice.

Bernat SatinI noticed fairly recently that I seem to have a lot of red accents in my apartment, so I thought it would be nice to create the blanket in a dark red to help bring out those random accents.

I really like this yarn, it was pretty cheap. I got the last seven skeins they had left at Joanns. (Hopefully that should be enough.)


I don’t know what it is, but since I’ve been crocheting and researching techniques, yarn, patterns, I’ve felt a bit left out when it came to certain websites or patterns. I would see something so cute and want to make it but alas, it was for knitters only!

Saturday night, I started teaching myself with the help of I was pretty discouraged at first, even with the videos, I was having trouble deciphering the movements. After a couple hours, I was finally able to get through a couple rows of knit stitches! Then I gave up for a while. 🙂 I’ll let it really settle in my brain before trying that again.

If anyone knows of any other good “learn-to-knit” sites other than, could you leave a comment? As much as the videos help, I’m still having trouble and think some drawings might help.

Anyway, I probably won’t be adding another day to the blog schedule for knitting and will try to keep it to crochet on Mondays. (Might sneak in some knitting if it doesn’t defeat me.)

Happy Memorial Day, all!

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