I’m crazy, I know.

I just wanted to know if maybe someone else in the world feels like I do.

Today a little bug visited me on my desk. Okay, it wasn’t very little, kind of creepy and of a kind that I’d never seen before. I didn’t see any teeth or anything, so I figured he was harmless. He finally started crawling toward me, so I decided that it was time to try to get him outside.

I put him on a tissue and put the tissue on a notebook. When I opened the door to the office, the tissue caught the wind and the little bug went flying away on his magic carpet of papery fluff. As I went to go save him from the floor, a bunch of my coworkers walked through the door and they were ready to kill.

Because the bug was dark and the carpet is dark, they couldn’t see him and gave up. I got the bug to walk up on the tissue again and took him to safety—outside in some plants.

I walked in just wondering why someone thinks it’s okay for them to choose what lives and dies. I know, I know, it’s “just a bug”, but really? He was just hanging out. He didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to be here. Luckily for him, he landed on my desk because I think every other person in my office would have squashed him.

But he was just doing his buggy thing in his little buggy life. He has no idea what’s going on in our world.

Last week, another coworker decided it would be fun to kill a bug that was hanging out on the wall in the hallway. It wasn’t bothering him. It made me feel bad because I pointed the bug out, saying how cute it was. Death warrant! Poor little guy.

I just don’t see how someone couldn’t think twice about killing something, anything—just stopping a life.

So, am I crazy? Does anyone else feel like this?

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  1. Not everyone feels like this. Some (like me) are bug-phobic. Anything that crawls, flies, hops, swiggles, et cetera, gives me the shudders. Is it wrong to kill it? That is a matter of opinion. Some call it cruel, I call it survival of the fittest. Nature’s heirachy exists for a reason. Disturbing it would be just as bad.

  2. I’m the same way…I can’t kill bugs and it’s not because I’m sqeamish, it’s because it doesn’t seem fair. I have become so infuriated at people who act like it’s nothing…it’s a lot to the bug!!!!

    Every time I see a spider in the house I just ignore it and hope my husband doesn’t see it…sometimes I send it little messages…like “quick hide, you have to run”…because as soon as it’s spotted, it’s history. Of course, I DON’T like the idea of any spiders crawling on me, but if it’s in the corner making a web…well, then it must be one of Charlotte’s great grandchildren!

    So. Am I crazy? 🙂

    p.s. my husband actually carries them out now too…though I suspect it’s only when I’m around.

  3. I have always tried really hard not to kill them…I am guilty of it at times though. However, after reading your comments…I feel REALLY bad about it now!
    I would like to point out though that I have NEVER and will NEVER kill a spider…they are lucky! Also, my parents were from Scotland and my Mom would not allow us to kill spiders. She said waaaay back in the day Spiders saved Scotland from the plague 🙂 I always carry them out on a tissue.
    I also had a horrible experience in college when one summer our apartment was inundated with flies and we sprayed to kill them and then much to our horror watched them start dying as they actually tried to save themselves by flying to other rooms. I have to say they died a slow painful death…it was disgusting…we actually had to leave the apartment!
    Anyway, it’s funny that we tend to be so creeped out by these innocent creatures…what happened to “He wouldn’t hurt a fly”. So yeah…I’m not killing any more bugs!

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