Crochet Monday: Mostly pictures, not much progress.

I don’t have too much to report on. I didn’t carve out very much time to work on my projects this week.

Totoro WIP

I have gotten much farther on my “secret” WIP, which I must finally unveil as being an amigurumi Totoro. I’m making him for my little sister (I think she’ll definitely catch on to what the surprise is when she sees the eyes I just sewed on). We grew up watching My Neighbor Totoro by Miyazaki because our grandfather, with no knowledge of anime or probably that the movie was originally in Japanese, bought us the Fox version of the movie on VHS. We watched that movie all the time. This stemmed an obsession of anime for years to come and an even bigger obsession of all things Totoro (and Miyazaki). We’re actually planning on getting matching tattoos of Satsuki and Mei (the older and younger sisters).

Totoro WIPThe movie is a big comfort to me. Sadly, I don’t own it because I don’t own a VHS player. The only English version of the movie that came out on DVD is the Disney version and they redubbed the voices. To me, the re-dubbing of the voices is bad but I’m probably biased because the Fox version was so much a part of my childhood. The inflection in the characters’ voices are all so different from the previous version. My sister and I were both disappointed. If anyone’s ever seen the Fox version, some of the random quotes my sister and I blurt out are, “I’m not stupid!!” and, with hands slapped together, “Hey look sis, I got one!”

I should probably just invest in a Japanese version of the movie and have it imported over to me.

Anyway, enough about Totoro.

Tiramisu Blanket WIP

I was able to crochet a couple rows of the Tiramisu blanket. So far, so good. (I know, it looks like a scarf at this point. So puny.) I am loving the red color of this yarn and the stitches are so soft. I can’t wait to finish this! I wish I wasn’t so easily distracted by the Internet and life. 😛 I could get more crocheting done!

SensationsLast but not least, a question. I was looking through my stash, taking pictures of a batch that I had ordered online a while ago but never took the time to take pictures of (for Ravelry). I bought this green Reflections yarn, thinking I would make myself a scarf with it. I enjoy making scarves but I honestly have no business wearing them here in Florida. So I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a different project that might be better suited for this yarn. I have 2 skeins (164.0 yards/150.0 m).

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