Crochet Monday: Finished with Totoro! And need some advice.

TotoroWell, I finally finished my amigurumi Totoro that I started for my sister!

The hardest part was sewing everything onto the body. Sometimes I don’t mind sewing, other times, I can’t finish fast enough.

And during this project, I learned a few things. Buy two skeins of yarns that have dye lots. Dye lots can look really different sitting right next to each other! Ack. I took a chance, thinking Amigurumi Totorothat the new skein I bought of the Sugar’n Cream yarn wasn’t going to look noticeably different. I know yarn companies warn you but I figured it was to appease really really picky people. How wrong I was. Oh well, you live and learn. Hopefully my sister won’t be mean and say she hates it because of the color differences. 🙂

As for advice, I want to start an Etsy shop selling crochet projects and illustrations. Does anyone in Blog Land have any advice for finding patterns that actually allow you to sell the finished project you create? The only ones I have found so far are on Lion Brand’s website.

And how much would you modify a pattern before you would consider calling the pattern your own? I’ve read some discussions on Ravelry about this but I never saw a straight-forward enough answer for me.

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