Tea Wednesday: Classic Indian Spice

I got this Yogi Tea Classic India Spice tea bag from Laura. I could smell it right when I opened the envelope. It smelled so yummy!

Yogi Tea

I don’t always like the tingling of ginger in my tea, sometimes it’s a little too spicy. I think the whole mix of different spices in this tea is really well-balanced. I prepared this tea with some soy milk and a little bit of Sweet and Low, kind of the way that I really like my Chai tea. This was like Chai tea kicked up a notch! I made it in the biggest mug that I had so I could have a lot of it.

Tea cupI found this tea to be comforting and stimulating. I think it would make a good “at work” tea. It wakes you up! There are more than just flavors to this tea, you can actually feel the ginger hitting your tongue.

If you enjoy spicy teas, definitely try this. I really thought it was an amazing tea and will probably get myself a box of this. You can also sign up to get a <a href=”http://yogitea.com/Index.htm” target=”_blank”>free sample</a> on the website!

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  1. You are such a good “tea reviewer”…perhaps you should do an offshoot of this blog and make it all about tea! If I get a chance to post soon, I’ll remind people that you a tea review up!

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