Crochet Monday: Baby Stuff

I just wanted to write a quick post today because I should be crocheting, rather than writing about crocheting. šŸ™‚

I was asked by Amanda Kern, one of my teachers from college and now a partner in crime (haha!), whether I’d ever thought of opening an Etsy store to start selling any of the crafty bits I’d started to make. I had been considering it for a while, though I couldn’t really sell anything that I’d made thus far because I’d been following patterns that didn’t allow for the selling of the projects created with them.

She has been great so far, giving me ideas for new projects having to do with the baby photography scene. You can see some photographs she’s taken of newborns on her photostream. So, Friday night we went out and she graciously (and generously) bought yarns so I could get started on making baby hats for her photo shoots!
So, Friday night I started creating a little square hat. I even worked on it through the commercials and movie trailers when I went to see The Happening that night. (Great movie, by the way, if you like M. Night Shyamalan.)

Angel Hair Stripes

And yesterday, I went back to JoAnns and bought a couple more skeins of yarn and some cute little buttons that may adorn some future hats! They’re so cute. Button-buying could be addictive. :/


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