Tea Wednesday: Yunnan Jig

Yunnan Jig

I’ve tried this tea a couple times before and I always forget how much I really enjoy it. It has great flavor and, to me, is a perfect example of a black tea. I have a few small tins of this from Adagio and I will definitely be having this one more often.

Teapot and teakettleYunnan Jig tastes clean and light. There’s something distinct about this black tea versus others but I’m not sure what the flavor is. I’ve read other people say that it has a peppery flavor—I guess I can taste it but it’s not particularly strong. It’s a little earthy and makes me feel all toasty-warm inside.

It’s also a very forgiving tea as it doesn’t seem to become bitter if you over brew it, which is a huge plus for me because bitterness is one of my biggest peeves about a tea.

It tastes good hot or iced, with or without milk and sugar. All I can think when I drink it is, “This is what black tea should taste like.” So good!

This tea is amazing and I think any tea lover (or even just a tea liker) would really enjoy it. It’s perfect for any time of day with a delicious cinnamon scone! :9


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