Tea Wednesday: Coconut Pouchong

I’d started a blog post yesterday saying how I’d love to review one of the ice teas that I’d ordered from Golden Moon Tea but I hadn’t received the order in the mail yet. Lo and behold, when I got home after a crazy night of eating icecream, frolicking through the rain, having my first cup of Gunpowder Green Tea and some nasty lychee bubble tea, there was a box with my new Bodum iced tea pitcher and six samples of Golden Moon’s “Best Selling Iced Teas”.

Tea Sampler

Last night, I decided to try the Coconut Pouchong, a supposedly award-winning Oolong tea. The first thing I noticed was that the leaves were monstrous! Okay, I’m exaggerating, but they were large. The tea looked like it was well taken care of during packaging, it wasn’t all crumbly and broken up.

You pour your tea into the removable infuser that slides into the side of the pitcher, which has a little ring at the top for easy grabbing. Seriously, that was the biggest “yay!” for me while using this Bodum pitcher. I’ve had so many burnt fingertips trying to grab metal infusers out of boiling-hot teapots.

Look at 'em steepThe way you’re supposed to brew iced tea, as I’ve learned it, is that you brew your tea doubly strong, then add ice the rest of the way once it’s done brewing. So say you’re brewing two cups of iced tea:

  1. Take two teaspoons of looseleaf tea and only one cup of hot water
  2. Allow to steep
  3. Add one cup of ice

Ta-dah! Perfect iced tea. It shouldn’t be bitter and you shouldn’t need tons o’ sugar to make it taste good.

Back to talking about the Coconut Pouchong. It’s good. It’s really good. It’s very refreshing and I can see why it’s the best selling iced tea that Golden Moon has.

This is the perfect summer tea. It tastes fresh, green, slightly coconutty without being overpowering. A lot of times, when I try flavored teas, there’s always way too much flavor and not enough tea. They’ve found a really great balance between the tea and the coconut.

One weird thing about this tea, which I like but others may not is that when you breathe in and out after taking a sip, you can still taste the tea on your tongue. It’s pretty neat and something kind of unique. I don’t know that I’ve ever tried a tea that had that effect before.

Coconut Pouchong

I don’t drink a lot of iced tea but I think Golden Moon Teas might change that. I can’t wait to try the other five flavors—hopefully they prove to be this amazing.

And now I just want to take my glass of Coconut Pouchong (yes, I’m sipping on my second glass of it since last night), go sit out on my porch and read a good book.

6 Replies to “Tea Wednesday: Coconut Pouchong”

  1. Hey, I thought I was the only one who liked the tea and breathing thing!

  2. Hello Mandy,

    Thank you for the great review. I hope you enjoy the tea.

  3. I am glad you liked it! Please let me know your thoughts on the other teas in the sampler. I am personally hooked on our Eal Grey iced right now. Shoot me an email and I’ll send a sample of one.

    I loved the pics also!

  4. Wow, I have GOT to get some… I know they sell the sample for $1, but how much comes in the sample?? I love tea, I love coconut… this sounds supremely perfect!

    -Shen (CaptainShen from Flickr)

  5. Shen, Golden Moon Tea says their samples are enough for one cup but I found that there was about 3 teaspoons of tea in my samples, which is good for 3 cups. Not a bad deal, especially if you end up hating it (which I HIGHLY doubt you will). The second step up (2.0 oz for $15.99) comes in a nice metal, air tight tin. (It’s the tin pictured on that page.)

  6. Well, thanks for the reply! I doubt I’ll hate it, but I really don’t have the sort of tea budget for the tin, so I’ll probably buy 3 sample packs or something!

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