Photography Friday: Ladybug

First of all, happy fourth of July to those of you in the US!

You all know I’m turning into a nature lover. Growing plants from little seeds, being out in the “wilds”! (If you could call extremely public parks, “wild”.) I’ve never been this into the outdoors. As a kid, being inside was the most fun I could have. I hate being outside. It was hot, dirty, hot, humid, sticky. Maybe it’s just Florida but I always remember it being way too hot to want to be outside all the time.

My mom always used to say, “When I was a kid, I would be outside all the time! My parents would have to drag me inside at the end of the night!” Well you know what? The climate up in McKees Rocks, PA is totally different from that of Orlando, Frickin’ Hot, Florida.

I digress…

I went outside the other day to move my plants back towards the sun—the apartment complex is having the buildings painted, so all of our porch wares had to be moved towards our back door, away from the walls and out of the way of the painters. When I moved one of the pots, I noticed the smallest ladybug I’d ever seen.

The Littlest Ladybug

Oh, and over the weekend, I was able to finally acquire a Nikon D40! I know, not the best and greatest of cameras but compared to my Kodak EasyShare (piece o’ pooh), it’s amazing. I’m absolutely delighted at the control I have over my pictures! Now if I could just hold the camera still!

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