Tea Wednesday: Mexican Sweet Chili

Yogi TeaA few weeks ago I signed up for a free sample from Yogi Tea. They had so much demand they’re no longer taking requests for free samples but I was able to get my hands on some! They sent along three individually wrapped teas surrounded by some very colorful design.

The first of these teas that I decided to try was the Mexican Sweet Chili, which I’m sure you could have figured out by the title of this post. This tea isn’t a tea but a blend of herbs. No tea plant involved here.

The ingredients in this tea make for a complex, kind of intense drink. It’s not something you just sip and ignore. The first part of a sip involves sweetness and a light bit of fruit. Then the spice hits your tongue.

The tea is very awakening and surprising. I wasn’t expecting such a sweet drink, especially with no sugar involved. The sweet with the spicy is so amazing. It reminds me of the first time I tried chili chocolate. (It was dark chocolate with chilis of some sort by Choxie.) It reminds me of that because there is cocoa in the tea! I’m sure the cocoa with the orange and tangerine flavors make the sweetness in the tea and the spiciness is made up of cayenne and black pepper. Cayenne pepper in tea!


If you couldn’t tell, I thoroughly enjoyed this tea and will probably use the coupon that Yogi Tea sent me to pick up some more at the grocery store (unless I end up liking one of the other samples more)!

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