Crochet Monday: Not much to report.

I’m almost done with my friend’s scarf but I haven’t picked it up for almost a week now. Same with the purse. 🙁

I’ve also restarted my knitted hat, there were some holes in it near the bottom that I didn’t notice until much later. I had cast on 44 stitches the first time I started the hat and I realized once I restarted the pattern that I had needed to cast on 64 stitches. Glad I didn’t bother continuing!

In other news, I just fell upon this site: What Not To Crochet. Now, I feel a little bad for the designers of these patterns who took many many hours of their time to create these patterns, but wow. These are the things that make people who don’t crochet think that crocheting is for old ladies or crazy cat ladies!

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  1. Hi from another crocheting Amanda!

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