Taking a mini-break.

I really didn’t want to do this, but I think I have to. I wanted to get on here today and write this great post comparing Gold Moon Tea’s Earl Grey to Adagio’s and about how much I love Earl Grey tea and that it makes me wish I lived in England so I could take time out of my day to “have tea”. But I don’t have it in me today. I probably won’t have it in me until next week.

One of my sisters is moving away. I’m trying to just not think about it. Trying to pretend that it won’t be that weird to have her living halfway across the country but I’m sad and a bit torn up about it. The past few years since she’s moved back to Florida, we’ve become great friends. She’s my step-sister but if anyone asked me, I’d just call her my sister. It’s amazing that I’ve been able to connect to my step-mom’s part of the family so well. However it happened, they’ve all come into my life and really become a part of me, not just a step-family.

I’m really sad to see her moving away. It’s been hard for me to concentrate lately because she’s leaving in a week. I just keep wondering how I’ll be able to see her. If I’ll be able to afford a plane ticket or have the vacation days to be able to go see her even if it’s only a couple days over a weekend.

Then a few days ago, I got news from my dad that he’s been interviewing with a company in Philadelphia and it sounds really promising. I’ve never lived more than 10 minutes away from my dad. It’s not the end of the world but I’m half bent out of shape about it. I can’t just drive down the street and watch TV with him? And what about our random jam sessions when we sing together and he plays guitar like Jimmy Page? I can’t say that I’ve taken these moments that I’ve had with him for granted, I haven’t. I know the moments as they’re happening, the moments that I’ll cherish. In that way I’m lucky, I won’t have to regret that I didn’t spend enough time or didn’t appreciate enough before he moves away. I’m glad that he’s possibly found an amazing job only two hours from New York City, where he loves to travel and where he grew up. I’m just a little not-so-glad about not being able to have those moments that I cherish whenever there’s a bit of free time to be had.

Anyway, for those reasons, I barely have the ability to concentrate on my work. I’ve been knitting to try to relieve some stress but taking the time to write about something, even something that I’m passionate about (like tea), just isn’t going to work right now because all I can think about is how Brandi’s going to be gone and how tomorrow morning I’m going to be finding out whether or not my dad’s getting this job.

So, although it’s not the end of the world, it’s weighing heavy on my mind. Hopefully I’ll be back next week with collected thoughts, more pictures and a ton of words for any readers who care to take the time to read them.

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