It’s Monday, I’m back with a hat!

My sister, Brandi, has moved and my dad now officially has the job in Philadelphia. I’m really sad to see him go but it’s such a great opportunity for him so I’m really excited!

Since I finished my first knit hat (which I just now realized I never posted on), I’ve finished a second and have started a third! They’re really easy now that I’ve gotten a hang of the knit stitch!

Pink, First Knit Hat

Pink hat is done!

Sunshine Baby Hat

Sunshine Knit Baby Hat

The Start of the Chocolate Milk Baby Hat

Chocolate Milk Hat

After the Chocolate Milk hat is done, I’m going to be starting another for a coworker of mine who likes pink and yellow. It’ll be like pink lemonade!

On another note, I’ve decided to change Crochet Monday to Craft Monday. I haven’t been crocheting quite so often now that I’ve started knitting and I’d like to post about art or other crafts that I might create at some point. I don’t think anyone will be too disappointed. šŸ˜› Just thought I’d mention it.

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