Tea: Vanilla Mint from GMT

I’ve decided not to disappoint readers by going another Wednesday without a proper tea commentary. The past few weeks have been stressful for me. You’d think that would give me good reason to sit around sipping tea and contemplating but I had been wanting to keep my hands busy with knitting instead. My head is starting to clear and I can concentrate enough to focus on tea.

Vanilla Mint

If I make a quick cup of tea by putting a mug of water in the microwave and throw a bag of tea in once its done, I have a hard time concentrating on the taste of the tea. I’ve cheated myself out of my favorite part of creating tea. There’s a process to steeping a cup of tea. Sometimes a microwave can be part of the process. Sometimes I can cut out the tea kettle, the teapot, the fancy little tea cups and still get that relaxing, contemplative experience that the process of making tea brings me. Sometimes I can do that, other times I just drink two sips of that microwaved flavored water and leave it sitting around somewhere, never to be sipped again.

I enjoy the whole process of tea making. Setting up the kettle, waiting for the whistle. Measuring out my loose leaf tea and shaking it into my teapot. Burning my hand on something.

Tonight I wanted to try the last of my Golden Moon Tea samples: Vanilla Mint Tea. Vanilla Mint is described by GMT as:

A smooth and refreshing blend of green and black tea with fragrant mint leaves and rich vanilla bean pieces. Delicious hot or iced, serve with a sprig of fresh mint for a naturally sweet refreshment.

As soon as I opened the sample package, the mint hit my nose. Invigorating!—even at 8:30pm when I was about ready to hop into bed. Another whiff brought out the smells of the vanilla, though I kept thinking of chocolate when I was smelling it.

Vanilla Mint Tea

The colors in this tea are beautiful. I love being surrounded in browns and greens—there they were, swirled around in my little bowl. Being made from Gunpowder Tea, the mixture has great texture. It contains twisted strips of black tea and balled up Gunpowder tea, all surrounded by flecks of green mint. This is the prettiest tea that I’ve seen!

When brewed, this tea loses a bit of its minty smell and more of the vanilla comes out. It has a very smooth, mellow smell and a nice caramel color.

Vanilla Mint TeaThe best part of this tea, looks and smell aside, is the taste. The blend of green with black makes a great starting point for the mint and vanilla. If there was only green tea, I think the tea would be too awakening and if it was only black tea, it would be too dark and mellow. The mix makes for a nice calming, rejuvenating tea experience.

The flavors in the tea are subtle, which is nice and seems to be a theme with Golden Moon Teas. They have mastered the art of blending tea and flavors without ruining one with the other.

I love this tea. It brought me to this little place in my head. It’s Christmas time and I’ve gotten up early in the morning, there’s still no sun shining. The Christmas tree is lit with colorful, tiny lights and I’m sitting next to it with my mug in hand. I have the morning to myself, the glow of the tree to myself, the quiet and my deliciously minty tea all to myself.

Tea Notes

I highly recommend this tea. Even now, two hours after I’ve brewed it and it’s been sitting in front of me becoming lukewarm, it tastes good. A sample, which brews about 2-3 cups, is only $.99! How can you say no?

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