Tea! MateVana from Teavana

Things have been hectic this week and I forgot all about Wednesday’s tea post! Tonight I’ve got the apartment to myself and I am definitely in need of some tea.

I ordered a bunch of teas from Teavana a couple weeks ago. One of the teas I’d decided to order was an herbal tea called MateVana. (Actually, it’s not tea at all, just a blend of herbs, flowers and other culinary delights.) I usually don’t like rooibos, which is in this blend, so I’m thinking it was either the mate or the chocolate chips that were in the ingredients list that urged me to try this tea. Other than mate, rooibos and chocolate, the other ingredients in this tea are:

cacao nibs, flavoring, white chocolate, almonds, cactus flower, sunflower and cornflower petals.

MateVana Tea

Mate is a “tea” made from the yerba mate plant—a variant of holly. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

I’ve had Mate a few times. It’s good by itself or mixed with teas or coffee. Something about it tastes masculine to me. Whatever it is, it’s good. Unfortunately I don’t have any plain mate to taste test so my description of it is going to be left to that. (Sorry!)

Before brewing, this blend smells chocolaty and a little bit nutty. It smells delicious! The fragrance actually gets me a little excited about the drink to come. It’s probably the chocolate!

It’s a pretty dark brew—I think the color comes mostly from the rooibos. It looks like melted chocolate mixed with honey.

As for taste, I don’t want to say that it’s subtle because it’s really easy to taste everything in the tea, but it doesn’t hit your tongue with a “POW! Here I am!” It’s like a little yogi walked up to the door, slowly wandered in, inspected each thing in my living space, sat on the couch for a little bit then slowly walked out the door to leave.

I taste mostly chocolate and mate, a little rooibos and a little of the almond. Each flavor comes in and out as I drink it. Sometimes I’ll taste the chocolate more then the almond. It’s a little sweet without adding anything extra to it. (I’m guessing it’s the sugar in the chocolate.)

I recommend this tea to anyone, unless you hate chocolate like my silly friend, Fleur. Even silly Fleur might like this tea! The subtleties that come together to create the wonderful flavor in this blend are easy to appreciate. I will probably finish my share of this tea within the next few weeks. It’s sweet and chocolaty with a little bit of roasted nuttiness. I could drink it in the morning as my wake-up drink or at night, like I am right now. (Just to warn everyone, mate does contain stimulants like caffeine!) It is a blend of flavors I could crave at any time and luckily for me it’s calorie-free!

MateVana Tea

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