Golden Monkey Tea

Hello everyone.  Mandy has been preoccupied with a knitting  project, so tonight, I’ll be guiding you through another sampling of tea.  For those of you just becoming acquainted with this blog, my name is John and I’ll be making my second appearance as a guest blogger on here (reference the Pu-Erh tea article for my first time becoming acquainted with this).  I have to admit I’m a bit of a novice to the whole blogging idea, so I sincerely hope that I don’t fall short in any way, and I hope that you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Introductions aside, let’s delve into the body of the article.

Golden Monkey Tea

I was having trouble deciding on a tea to pick out for my next blog post; so I found myself looking through the old tea drawer that has remained relatively untouched recently.  There, I stumbled upon an older tea that I had only tried once or twice previously, and I decided to get re-acquainted with Golden Monkey Tea, from

Golden Monkey is a black tea, where only the top leaf and the bud are plucked from the tea plant, which makes this a very sought after and relatively hard to acquire blend of tea.  It has very little astringency, which was surprising for a black tea, and has light, crisp undertones of honey.  The color has a dark amber hue, which was very pleasant to look at and reminded me of a fine cognac.  When I drink this tea, I feel a bit excitable.  Personally, I find that this tea has a kind of kinetic energy that when you drink it, it enlivens you.

Golden Monkey Tea Makes Rainbows!

All in all, this is a very crisp, refreshing tea that would be perfectly suited for almost any time of the day.  I would find myself enjoying some of this in the early afternoon or around lunch time, but it’s a very flexible flavor that seems to go in whatever direction you choose to take it.  I would highly reccommend this tea to anyone who is beginning their samplings of black tea, or for the experienced tea drinker as a fine change of pace for a lighter black tea.

Hot Cup of Tea

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