Rooibos Tropics

Alright… I love tea. Take some leaves off of a tea bush and I could probably just chew on them and enjoy it. But these other things–these herbal pass-off-as-tea things–I can’t seem to fully enjoy. Hibiscus and fruit that turns into a really sour, unsweet, watered-down juice should not be considered herbal tea but herbal drink. Herbal ick in Mandy Land. And Rooibos… sigh.

My first Rooibos tea was caramel-flavored from Teavana. My boss from my previous job brought in loose-leaf tRooibos Tropics Teaea and we made it in clear plastic food-storage containers. We’d use the hot water tap to fill the containers then dump in the tea and try to cover them with plastic wrap as tightly as we could—all while tending to customers. It wasn’t the most calming tea ceremony but a ceremony nonetheless.

I’m sure you’ve already figured out that my first time with caramel Rooibos (which Teavana doesn’t even sell anymore) was one full of funky faces and the wish that my boss had brought in real tea that day. I attributed my dislike of the tea to the caramel flavor only to find out the next time I came across another Rooibos tea that I just didn’t like Rooibos. It doesn’t matter what flavors are added or not added, I’m just not a fan.

I chose to have Rooibos Tropics tea (from Adagio) tonight simply because there’s nothing else in my tea drawer that sounded exciting enough to write about (except the Golden Moon Tea Kashmiri Chai that I’m waiting to drink with John). I thought, “Hey… I haven’t really written a terribly bad review of any teas yet, this might be funny!”

But this review is not going to be terribly bad. This tea is so mediocre that I can’t say anything that bad about it and there’s nothing that great to say about it except: “Look ma! No caffeine!”

This tea has little bits of pineapple and coconut flavoring. I think it looks pretty—a little bland in coloring but there’s so much texture in a handful of tiny Rooibos leaves.

Rooibos Tropics Tea

My first sip was actually a bit surprising. I expected to be overwhelmed by Rooibos at first taste. It was pleasantly smooth and fairly tasteless but the hidden taste seemed to have exploded on my tongue once I swallowed. Okay… not explode but I sure taste the tea now more than I did when it was in my mouth.

I can barely taste this tropic flavor that Adagio speaks of. Seriously.. I don’t know if my batch is too old or just devoid of flavor. I think I might taste something other than Rooibos but I really can’t be sure. Maybe my tongue is broken.

Rooibos Tropics Tea

This is probably the most “meh” tea I’ve had (because it’s not TEA!!) but I have finished off my whole Christmas mug full of it, so it can’t be all that bad. Or maybe I just keep sipping in hopes that the next time I drink, there will be flavorful tea in my cup and not some Rooibos leaf juice.

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  1. Great website- I am glad on stumbled upon Tea on Wednesdays! My husband owns an on-line loose leaf tea company- His Blueberry Rooibos is one of his most popular herbals, as well as the Chai. Certainly not devoid of flavor or aromas….Best, Wife of A Tea Drinker—

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