Firefly from The Simple Leaf

I’ve been following a lot of new-to-me tea sellers and tea lovers on Twitter. I’ve learned about new shops like The Simple Leaf, Mighty Leaf Tea and Ocean of Tea—all of whom have been informative and helpful. Follow them @SimpleLeaf, @MightyLeaf and @OceanOfTea (and @AdagioTeas)!

First, being a design major in school and a web designer by day, I’m always excited by some great product packaging and design. I know people don’t come to my blog to listen to me talk about design but I love the design of The Simple Leaf’s website. It’s not the same old tea website type of design. The dark header threw me off at first but the whole site comes together with great typography to create a calm, sophisticated design.

 Teas from The Simple Leaf

When I got my order from The Simple Leaf, I was extremely excited. They packed everything in bright tissue paper and sent two extra teas! I love the packaging of the teas. The dark, deep brown with those different stripes of color… Love it! (Whoever designed the packaging and website for these guys, KUDOS!)

Firefly Tea

My absolute favorite thing about the Firefly blend is how colorful it is in dry-leaf form. There are green, browns and reds. I’ve never seen another tea with so much color. The leaves are rolled and come from the Tumsong estate in Darjeeling.

I brewed this tea with boiling water for five minutes. I’m not sure if that’s too much time or if the water is too hot but every time I’ve brewed it like this, it’s been slightly bitter. When brewed, the color of the tea is a beautiful amber.

Firefly Tea

The flavors in this tea seem to come through the bitterness, though and I still really enjoy it. It’s a little nutty and light. The Simple Leaf categorizes this tea as a black tea but I feel that it compares to a dark Oolong. Or I guess it’s just a light black tea. Whichever! 🙂

This is a great tea for an extra boost after lunch time. The flavors are complex but light. It’s a very thoughtful tea. (Do I say that about all the teas I taste?) There are a lot of nuances in this tea and the more you taste it and think about it, the more flavors you can discern.

On a side note, I’ve tried two other teas from The Simple Leaf so far and all are high-quality, delicious teas. I definitely recommend buying from them. The shipping was fair, my shipment got to me very quickly and I’ve been very happy with their customer service.

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  1. I too have come to love tea from The Simple Leaf. Great review of your recent purchase. I look forward to tasting Firefly. I’m usually not a black tea drinker, but I love oolong. So if you would compare it to an oolong then I am interested.

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