Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m having a tough time this year with Thanksgiving. My dad, Debbie (my step-mom), Brandi, Ron and Brittani are going to be away for the holidays for the first time. There have been times when we haven’t spent Thanksgiving day together, which is okay, but not being able to get together the day before or after… or even the week after is really getting to me.

I don’t want to get too emotional here but I just felt like I should say something about being thankful that I have gotten to spend so many holidays with my family. I’m looking forward to starting a new tradition with John and his mom for Thanksgiving. We’ve been listening to the Macy’s Day Parade. John’s playing WoW (haha, such holiday spirit) and I’ve been typing up blog posts and tasting tea. We’ll be going over to his mom’s a little later.

It’s pretty different from the way that my dad and I would always start Thanksgiving. We’d watch the parade, there would be the smell of turkey in the oven. By this time (or maybe in an hour), more family would be coming over to spend time. Our house was always full of family – however crazy we’d get, I was never one of those people that dreaded “getting together with the family”. We always had fun watching the parade, eating way too much, sitting around complaining about how we ate too much while watching football. 🙂

Today starts a new tradition. I’m going to go take my shower for the day, gather up my knitting supplies and the Wii and head over to John’s mom’s for a wonderful dinner.


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  1. I hope it went well for you. I crave new traditions and sometimes even wish I could have a Thanksgiving where Mark and I are alone….no family. Though, this year we had a bunch of people at my mother’s.

    I do hope you had a good day though.

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