Pi Lo Chun from Ocean of Tea

I recently aquired a whole mess of samples from Ocean of Tea. So far I haven’t been disappointed by any and after a nice lunch of Pad Woon Sen, sushi and tempura (I wanted a nice variety of food), John and I came home and made a pot of Pi Lo Chun.

Pi Lo Chun is a hand-picked green tea that really surprised me. In the bag, it smelled like… nothing. I was a bit wary to try it. Also, the dry leaves are really thin and very dark. The appearance is more like a black tea than a green.

Pi Lo Chun

For Pi Lo Chun, I heated the water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and let the leaves steep for three minutes. I made it a point to stand and watch as the tea steeped. As I watched, the leaves unfurled and went from brownish to green. The leaves needed a lot more room to steep than I gave them, I recommend letting them loose in your teapot or cup. I was so excited about the change in leaves, I made John get up to look. 🙂

Pi Lo Chun

The tea, once brewed, is a very nice golden color and smells a bit smoke.

It tastes smokey and vegetal (like most green teas). It is astringent to me. John didn’t seem to notice the astringency and really liked it all around. I loved the smokey tones to the tea and would have loved the tea so much more if not for that bite.

The other thing I noticed about this is that when I sipped it and introduced more oxygen to the tea, I could taste a nice floral flavor, almost like jasmine. I was pretty delighted with this discovery and continually “slurped” my tea through the rest of the pot.

Pi Lo Chun

This was a really good tea and I would definitely recommend it to green tea lovers out there.

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