Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea

I was sent a few pouches of Chocolate Mint Truffle from Mighty Leaf Tea.

Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea

This tea is an herbal concoction of rooibos, mint, cocoa nibs and “natural chocolate flavors”. I know I’m always hating on rooibos, so I thought I’d share some good information about rooibos with you from the Mighty Leaf website:

Some unconfirmed studies have determined that antioxidant levels in Rooibos are 50 times higher than those in Green Tea. Naturally caffeine free and rich in Vitamin C, Rooibos also possesses other medicinal properties including the ability to lessen the body’s reaction to allergies and calm upset stomachs.

Research has shown Rooibos contains an unusually high amount of antioxidant flavonoids similar to that in Green Tea. These flavonoids are thought to prove effective in combating harmful free radicals which can cause cancer, heart disease and strokes.

I have to admit, I decided to try this tea with all the fixin’s that I don’t normally add to my tea. A whole packet of sugar and a little heavy cream. With a tea called “chocolate mint truffle” it just seems appropriate.

Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea

I expected to hate this tea due to my dislike of rooibos but I didn’t. It turned out to be another one of those “if it was tea instead of rooibos, I’d love it” teas. The chocolate is a little hard to find through the mint but it’s definitely there and tastes much more natural than other chocolate teas that I’ve tried. With the addition of sugar and cream, this tea can take place of dessert!

Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea

Though I can’t get past the taste of rooibos to ever want to order more of this tea, if you love chocolate and mint and don’t have a problem with rooibos, I’m sure you’ll love this tea.

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  1. I used to not be a cream and sugar person in my tea…but a few years ago I started trying some with milk…so good in certain teas. This tea sounds like it would be like a minty subtly chocolate-y Andes candy with the addition of cream and sugar. I can’t wait until I am off of this plan and I am going to try some!

    Happy Holidays Mandy!

  2. How in the heck…how in the heck…did I miss that you have an Etsy shop? Just gorgeous…the hats are so cute. My friend has a little boy due in March..I am so ordering one!

    1. Thanks Laura!! 🙂 I’m glad you like them!

  3. I actually have yet to try Rooibos tea, of any kind actually haha, but I might start with this chocolate mint truffle you speak of, maybe to ease myself into it!

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