Trish’s Teas in Orlando, FL

I was surfing around the web reading about bad customer service at Teavana when it popped into my head that I had meant to write a review about my most recent visit to a local tea shop. I know I haven’t updated recently and I feel a little bad about my newest post being so negative, but it must be said!

Trish’s Teas is located in Baldwin Park in Orlando, FL. It’s a cute little place with whimsical charm. There are mismatching teapots lining the walls. They have a little rack in the back with hats and boas that you can mess around with. The atmosphere is warm and inviting.

I’ve been to Trish’s Teas a few times. Sometimes I have a great experience, sometimes I have a bad experience. When I went the first time, I was shocked by the prices but still happy with the food, the tea and the service. (I think it was like $8 for an egg salad sandwich.) The second time I went for a baby shower. They were really accommodating, patient and nice. (Though I felt a little awkward when one man kept coming back to ask how everything was multiple times and would stand and watch us for just a little too long.) The most recent time I went to buy some loose-leaf tea and scones with a friend and had an annoyingly slow and appalling experience.

Because I was never overly impressed with their customer service, it is the terrible customer service during my most recent visit that stands out in my mind.

We went on our lunch break and got to Trish’s with a half-hour before we had to be back to work. My friend gave the man behind the counter her order of three 2oz samples of tea to start with. To my surprise, he then walked off to the back of the store for a while (3-5 minutes). He walked back around and said that we were being taken care of. (Really? Were we?) Meanwhile, all of their loose-leaf tea is behind the counter right in front of us and no one is doing anything with it.

He eventually went back behind the counter, pulled down the three teas that we wanted. They apparently never sell the loose-leaf tea because he had trouble finding the sample bags to put the tea in, then had to flip through a notebook multiple times looking for labels for the tea. While filling up our bags, he was bickering with a co-worker, which made him work even slower. (If they want to have some kind of quarrel, do it in the back of the store where customers don’t have to hear it.)

When he finally finished preparing our teas, he started to ring us up. In the middle of ringing us up, another customer came up and asked if she could pay now so that she could leave… I guess if you’re friends with the guy, you get special treatment over all other customers because although we’d been waiting there for almost 20 minutes by this time, he let her mosey on in there.

He never asked if we wanted anything else with our purchase so after he gave us the total, we asked for scones that we had planned to buy all along. He got out the scones and gave us more than we’d asked for. He told us,

“The scones are free because you’re so impatient.”

And that was the jaw-dropping moment for me. Who says that to a customer? We weren’t raising a stink, we didn’t ask him if he could pick up the pace and if it weren’t for that comment, we probably would have left slightly annoyed but no less happy about our purchase. Were we really that impatient? Is 20-25 minutes what it really takes to measure and bag up three 2oz bags of tea? I’ve seen it done much faster at Teavana.

I don’t think I’ll be going back to Trish’s. There is a rude, don’t-care attitude just exuding from the staff there. If you aren’t there to sit and wait for them, they don’t even want your business. If you just want to order something to go because you have to be somewhere a half-hour later, expect to be late. I can get my tea somewhere else and won’t bother with this place any more since they can’t be bothered with me.

I think what it comes down to is this: if you have all the time in the world, Trish’s Teas is a great place to sit down, relax, have some tea and eat some expensive little sandwiches but if you don’t have much time, seriously, don’t bother and go to Infusion, Dandelion or Drunken Monkey.

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