Organic Lu An Gua Pian

I was fortunate enough to receive two organic tea samples from Mighty Leaf last month. One of them was the Organic Earl Green and the other is the Organic Lu An Gua Pian.

Organic Lu An Gua Pian

The dry leaves are thin and twisted, almost stick-like. They are dark green with a frosted appearance. They smell lightly vegetal and a little roasted but the scent was very light.

The tea is light yellow, almost golden and tastes very “green”. The leaves after steeping turn bright green. The flavors of the tea are vegetal – grassy and a bit cabbage-y.

I was able to get three steepings from this tea. I enjoyed the second and third batches of tea more than the first as the tea’s flavors smoothed out and became sweeter.

165-170F for about 1 1/2 – 2 minutes is the best steep time and temperature for this tea for me. (I don’t like my teas strong… so try a longer steeping time if you do!)

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