Magnolia Oolong and a New Yixing Teapot

I have been trying to visit the Winter Park Farmer’s Market every Saturday as often as I can. The last time that I had gone, I had signed up for Tantalizing Tea’s mailing list and received a coupon in the mail! The next time I went I was really excited to see that the yixing teapots being sold in Tantalizing Tea’s tent were on sale and that I could use the coupon on top of the savings from the sale!

I’ve been casually looking into acquiring a yixing pot for more than a few months now. I’ve always been drawn to the interesting shapes and earthy colors that yixing pots come in. Since I started looking, I’ve had my eye on this cute little whale-shaped yixing teapot. The thought of pouring tea from the mouth of a tiny whale seemed so cute and whimsical.

Luckily for me, there was one cute little whale teapot waiting for me at the Farmer’s Market!

Prepping my Yixing

I had thought that I would use my first yixing pot for Quangzhou Milk Oolong tea that I had fallen so in love with. After I’d picked out the teapot and started looking through the different teas that were for sale that day, I was told that they had just started carrying a new Magnolia Oolong tea. Having tried a magnolia oolong once before (in Illinois), I was excited to hear this. I smell the tea and… ooooh my gosh. The smell is so light and flowery (of course)!

I have to say that I like floral teas but sometimes find that the flower scent in the teas is way too strong. The Magnolia Oolong smells so balanced – you can still faintly smell the tea under the magnolia. I was so delighted by the smell of this tea that I decided to use my new yixing teapot for it.

Instead of doing too much of my own research on how to season a yixing teapot, I decided to take Nikki’s (from Tea Escapade) research and use the technique that she found. It was pretty easy but just took some time so I couldn’t be impatient.

Prepping my Yixing

I’ve been using my teapot for a couple of weeks and can say that it already seems to enhance the Magnolia oolong. I’m hoping to see an even greater difference in the upcoming months that would allow me to compare and contrast – it would be something new to blog about.

Prepping my Yixing

The Magnolia Oolong from Tantalizing Tea tastes best when brewed for about three minutes in 160-180F water. It doesn’t seem to be too picky about steep temperature – I haven’t brewed a bitter batch yet.

Hopefully Tantalizing Tea will offer this tea on their website soon so that others who don’t have a brick and mortar store close-by can try it. It is one of the most well-balanced floral teas that I have ever tried.

As for yixing pots, if you have one, what tea have you reserved your teapot for?

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  1. That is a nice yixing teapot you have. I collect teapots and have three tetsubin pots, but no yixing pots. They do come in such interesting shapes and colors, don’t they? Thanks for mentioning the Magnolia Oolong tea – it sounds good. I will look up Tantalizing Teas. Looking forward to exploring some of your older posts.

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog, Maureen! 🙂 Yixing pots definitely do come in interesting shapes and colors which is why I was so drawn to them (you know, other than the fact that they can make your tea taste so much better)! I would recommend that you try one out some day. So far I’m loving my yixing teapot with the Magnolia Oolong. The flavor just seems to be getting better and better!

  2. I had oolong tea because of you and really like it.
    I had it at a place called infinitea in Bangalore, where he added tea leaves to the pot on the table and gave me an 5 min hourglass to steep it for the righ time. Risheehat was the brand.

    We love dthe tea and the experience. Thanks!

    1. Satyask, I’m so glad to hear that you tried oolong! And better to hear that you enjoyed it! 🙂 I hope you continue to try all kinds of tea!

  3. I have a bunch of Oolong mugs; there are four for Oolong, three for Green Tea, and two for Black Tea. Puer will go into either Green or Black depending on which one it is. I don’t know what I’ll do with White Tea but I won’t drink very much of that because it’s too expensive and really too subtle to stimulate me much.

  4. I´ve been looking for this whale teapot so long. I´m from Spain and I´m unable to buy it, there´s some strange restrictions to international shipping in the us, please, could you tell me where did you found it?

    thank you very much-


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