A simple tea timer

User-friendly tea timer

When I found a link to Steep.it on Twitter, I instantly fell in love. I’m a web designer (and starving artist at heart) so I appreciate the lovely illustrations the amazingly simple user interface of Steep.it. Web + tea = glee for Mandy Bee! (Oh my, I’m sorry for that.)

Anyway, Steep.it is a very simple tea timer. Any time you sit down at your computer with a cup of tea, just go to http://steep.it, input the amount of time you want your tea to steep and hit GO. Steep.it starts counting down! The background behind the counter becomes darker as the timer finishes (just like your tea!) and when it’s done, a little javascript popup box alerts you (as well as a cute little buzzer).

But Steep.it gets even easier. You don’t even have to go to the site, fill out the input box and hit enter. Just type http://steep.it/5minutes into your browser and hit enter. Steep.it automatically starts up the timer for 5 minutes!

Better yet, just type in http://steep.it/herbal and Steep.it begins a timer for the recommended 5 minute steeping time.

Steep.it works for black (3 min), green (1 min), herbal (5 min), oolong (3 min), mate (6 min) and rooibos (6 min). You can also time seconds by typing “30 seconds” in the input field on the site or http://steep.it/30.

Visit Steep.it to view their tips on using the timer or just to appreciate the great tea illustration.

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