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Mighty Leaf Iced TeaI recently received a package of three different pouch teas from Mighty Leaf in the mail: Organic African Nectar, Orange Dulce and Marrakesh Mint Green Tea. It’s been hellishly hot in Florida. The kind of heat that makes us Floridians turn into hermits. The walk from the house to the car makes you sweat. Except for at work (where the A/C works exceptionally well and I still need a sweater during the day), I don’t want anything to do with hot tea. (Sad, I know.) I was excited that Mighty Leaf sent me teas that were perfect for icing!

Orange Dulce

Orange DulceI’ve had Orange Dulce hot before (unfortunately, I’ve been too lazy to review it). I love the mellowed, creamy flavor of this tea. The orange adds just enough fruity flavor to take this tea from boring to relaxing and delicious! When I tried it iced though, I found the orange would hide behind the strong black tea. Add a little sweetener (I used agave nectar) to bring the orange notes back to the front for a yummy iced tea.

Organic African Nectar

Organic African NectarOrganic African Nectar is a rooibos that smells absolutely amazing when you open the foil wrapper. There’s vanilla and the tart smell of fresh mango. I would love to fill my house with this smell! My first taste of this was disappointing though. Before icing it, I took a sip. All I could really taste was rooibos with that “bleh” vanilla flavor, like it’s been on a shelf for ages and took on some sort of cardboard essence. It didn’t seem to get much better after icing it, either. Unfortunately, this was a let down for me. (It seems to get good reviews from others. Give it a try and let me know what you think.)

Marrakesh Mint

Marrakesh MintI love mint teas! I love how refreshing they feel, hot or cold. Marrakesh Mint is made with Gunpowder tea and peppermint. The peppermint takes center stage and is very sweet. I can’t say whether or not the Gunpowder made this tea special or not, since it’s hard to taste beneath the strong mint flavor. I loved this tea unsweetened and iced – it is one of the best mint teas I’ve had.

All of these teas are available in pouches and some are also available loose. Have you had any great iced tea this summer?

Thanks to Mighty Leaf for the tea images!

4 Replies to “Iced Tea”

  1. Thanks for the tip on the mint tea…I am going to get some. I love mint teas too. I also plan to try the Orange Dulce–I love name.

    1. Hey Laura! Let me know what you think when you try them! You can order Mighty Leaf teas online but I’ve been able to find a few blends in the tea aisle at the grocery store here. 🙂 It was nice to hear from you!

  2. I think I’ll try Orange Dulce next time.. Thanks!

  3. I also enjoy the Marrakesh Mint iced. I think it’s my favorite tea from Mighty Leaf to drink iced…except possibly for their hojicha, which is my favorite tea of theirs (and in my opinion makes an outstanding iced tea).

    The orange dulce I was less a fan of…the creamy smooth orange flavor combined with cool temperature made the experience more like a creamsickle than tea. I suppose some people might like that though.


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