Rooibos Renewal from Mighty Leaf

Rooibos RenewalI received a sample of Rooibos Renewal with the Spirulina Stamina sample from Mighty Leaf a week or so ago. I liked the Spirulina Stamina a lot more than this herbal blend. Maybe I’m biased because I live in Florida but I feel that oranges should either be the star of a drink (like orange juice) or used with other flavors that tone down the citrus flavor (like in Orange Dulce tea). When orange is the main flavor in a tea or herbal blend, I feel like all I’m getting is watered down orange juice.

Rooibos Renewal is a nice, fresh-tasting tea but it uses orange as a main flavor and it just doesn’t work for me. It smells really good, orangey and a little flowery with that familiar smell of rooibos. The large pieces of orange peel add a lot of citrus flavor to this tea and it’s slightly mellowed by the flower petals (rose and blue mallow). The second steeping isn’t quite as strong as the first and I find it a bit easier to drink but this isn’t a tea that I’ll be looking for next time I go tea-shopping.

I’ve had two cups of this tea on this lovely Saturday morning and I have to say… not feeling the rejuvenation I was looking for. I think others may enjoy this tea more than I do. It’s not necessary bad, just not my cup. 🙂

Anyone else tried this and like it?

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