Ceylons from Mighty Leaf

I have received two Ceylon black teas from Mighty Leaf: Ceylon Kenilworth and Ceylon Yalta. They are both what I would call “basic” black teas, or as Annelies from Mighty Leaf described them, as the “poodle” of the tea world (haha!). I tried them side-by-side to be able to compare the flavors.

Ceylon Kenilworth

My first impressions of a tea come from the smell of the dry leaves and this tea smells delicious. The smell brings to mind my early idea of tea: plain, black Lipton tea. Kenilworth also has a really nice honey note.

Ceylon Kenilworth is smooth, a little sweet and slightly astringent. It’s strong enough to wake you up in the morning but there is also something calming and soothing about the flavor of this tea. It would be nice on a slow Monday morning when you want to be gently stirred from your slumber.

Though I haven’t tried it, I’d imagine this tea would be good with milk and sugar, as well as mixed with other flavorings. It seems like it would be a really good base for lots of drinks.

I love this tea! It is definitely a go-to black tea for me as it fits my tastes perfectly and has taken it’s rightful place as my favorite black tea.

Ceylon Yalta

I tried Ceylon Yalta alongside Ceylon Kenilworth, which may have deepened my liking for Kenilworth. Ceylon Yalta smelled very similar and looked almost exactly the same. The immediate difference between the two was the astringency. Unlike Kenilworth, which went down nice and smooth, Yalta packed a punch! (As illustrated by my ridiculous illustration to the right.) Yalta would be great for a morning when you want to be invigorated by your tea (like a morning with a scheduled meeting only a half hour after you get to work).

If Kenilworth is more of a fall/wintery tea, Yalta would go better with spring and summer. The astringency makes this a nice, interesting (but plain) iced tea for warmer weather.

Because I’m not very fond of the dryness that a lot of astringency brings, I definitely prefer Kenilworth to Yalta. I kind of had to brace myself before each sip of Yalta, which might be okay if I wanted to wake up, but I usually drink tea to calm myself.

How do you feel about astringency in your tea? Do you prefer it?

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