Mighty Leaf’s Tea Top Brew Mug

Tea Top Brew Mug

In short: This travel mug is awesome!

But if you’re into reading or long descriptions:

One of my least favorite things about having tea on the go is that, even with the “convenience” of tea bags, I need a place to put the tea bag or I have bare with the bitterness of over-brewed tea.

Mighty Leaf sent over one of their new Tea Top Brew Mugs with my last set of samples so that I could try it out. I really love it. It’s simple to use and works perfectly for what it’s made for.

Stick the tea tag up and out of the top of the mug, let your tea brew and once it’s done, pull up on the tag to keep the tea bag away from the water. No over-brewed tea and no mess!
Tea Top Brew Mug
This new mug also looks pretty sleek, which I like. I have a soft spot for well-designed things.

The only things I’ve found that I don’t like about this mug are that the lip is a little awkward and that paper tea bags (as opposed to silk) can sometimes rip. It works perfectly with silk sachets, like the ones that Mighty Leaf sells. I’ve found that I can still get a paper tea bag to work if I don’t pull too hard. (Just be careful!)


Leave a comment on this post and at the end of this week (October 11th, 9pm) I will pick one random person to receive a free Tea Top Brew Mug from Mighty Leaf! (Please leave your email address so that I can contact you!)

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  1. That would be the perfect mug for heading in to work early in the morning. Then I wouldn’t have to go without or use the regular ‘powdery’ teas. Is it well insulated?

    1. Fleur – It’s pretty well insulated. I think my drinks stay hot/warm for a few hours, actually. The outside does get a bit hot but not untouchable. 🙂

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