More gardening

I’ve got a backyard full of tomatoes, oranges, limes and now, finally, some pumpkins! John discovered them last night when he was showing off all of our gardening feats (and by our I mean Dan and I). So far I’ve seen five tiny pumpkins. I’m hoping the winter squash I planted will start making fruit […]

My favorite tea cup

I was thinking about my collection of tea cups (mugs, really) and wondered if, like me, anyone else had a favorite in their own collection. This is my favorite tea cup. My mom bought this for me in the kind of shop that makes me squeal because every shelf is covered in something cute. The […]

Ceylons from Mighty Leaf

I have received two Ceylon black teas from Mighty Leaf: Ceylon Kenilworth and Ceylon Yalta. They are both what I would call “basic” black teas, or as Annelies from Mighty Leaf described them, as the “poodle” of the tea world (haha!). I tried them side-by-side to be able to compare the flavors. Ceylon Kenilworth My […]

Iced Tea

I recently received a package of three different pouch teas from Mighty Leaf in the mail: Organic African Nectar, Orange Dulce and Marrakesh Mint Green Tea. It’s been hellishly hot in Florida. The kind of heat that makes us Floridians turn into hermits. The walk from the house to the car makes you sweat. Except […]