Iced Tea

I recently received a package of three different pouch teas from Mighty Leaf in the mail: Organic African Nectar, Orange Dulce and Marrakesh Mint Green Tea. It’s been hellishly hot in Florida. The kind of heat that makes us Floridians turn into hermits. The walk from the house to the car makes you sweat. Except […]

Chocolate Mint Truffle Tea

I was sent a few pouches of Chocolate Mint Truffle from Mighty Leaf Tea. This tea is an herbal concoction of rooibos, mint, cocoa nibs and “natural chocolate flavors”. I know I’m always hating on rooibos, so I thought I’d share some good information about rooibos with you from the Mighty Leaf website: Some unconfirmed […]

Rooibos Tropics

Alright… I love tea. Take some leaves off of a tea bush and I could probably just chew on them and enjoy it. But these other things–these herbal pass-off-as-tea things–I can’t seem to fully enjoy. Hibiscus and fruit that turns into a really sour, unsweet, watered-down juice should not be considered herbal tea but herbal […]

Tea! MateVana from Teavana

Things have been hectic this week and I forgot all about Wednesday’s tea post! Tonight I’ve got the apartment to myself and I am definitely in need of some tea. I ordered a bunch of teas from Teavana a couple weeks ago. One of the teas I’d decided to order was an herbal tea called […]