Design challenge, day 11, I don’t think I’ll ever get out of here…

I’m feeling under the weather, so all I can think about is tea. I’m also in the middle of two books and just started a third (I have ADD sometimes when it comes to books). A Storm of Swords, Dragons of Autumn Twilight and I just started Stormdancer. Anyone else reading those?   Image credit: […]

My favorite tea cup

I was thinking about my collection of tea cups (mugs, really) and wondered if, like me, anyone else had a favorite in their own collection. This is my favorite tea cup. My mom bought this for me in the kind of shop that makes me squeal because every shelf is covered in something cute. The […]

A simple tea timer

When I found a link to on Twitter, I instantly fell in love. I’m a web designer (and starving artist at heart) so I appreciate the lovely illustrations the amazingly simple user interface of Web + tea = glee for Mandy Bee! (Oh my, I’m sorry for that.) Anyway, is a very […]