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Knitting for N00bz: 

A Quest to Learn to knit in 2 Weekends

A knitting challenge for new knitters

You walk into a barcade and see an awesome Level 10 Crafter wearing an amazing knitted cap. You think to yourself, "if only I could wield a pair of needles and knit my own awesome hat, I could take over the world!"

Okay, it's probably not that extreme.

But you do want to learn how to knit and maybe you've tried, maybe you haven't, either way, you feel like a total n00b and you want to level up! This quest is for complete beginners who want to join up with other knitting n00bz to  learn the very basics of knitting to make your very first hat.

Let's go on a knit-venture!

During this two-weekend quest, you'll learn how to:

Saturday, October 6: Start your knit-venture. 
Learn how to read a knitting pattern and acquire & equip your knitting gear.

Sunday, October 7-12: Grind to the next level. 
Learn to 'cast-on' and how to do the knit stitch to start the main part of your hat.

Saturday, October 13: Head to the boss fight. 
Learn to decrease knit stitches to create the top of a hat so it's not just a tube.

Sunday, October 14: Kick the boss's ass! 
Learn how to finish your hat by binding off and weaving in your leftover yarn. Level up!

Emails chock full of knitting Info!

You'll get an email on each Saturday/Sunday during the challenge, full of the information you'll need to begin and move on to the next part of your knitting quest.

Live help!

I will be streaming live on each Saturday and Sunday (2-5pm EST), where you'll be able to ask me questions and get instant feedback! There may be bonus sessions as well, depending on how all of you adventurers are doing with your knitting.

It's Dangerous to Go Alone!

There will be an online support group set up where all of you awesome knitting adventurers will be able to hang out, chat, ask questions, share pictures, and support each other through this quest.

Think you're up for the challenge?


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