Time for something new

So hopefully this turns into one of those “I quit my job and now I’m extremely fulfilled and successful” kind of stories because last month I quit my job of 8 years as a web designer at a digital marketing agency.

I left so that John and I could travel before he starts going to nursing school this summer. We have a few adventures planned (and hopefully a few unplanned) that you can keep up with on our new blog: Off to Earth

In the past two years, John has gone from GM of a restaurant, to novelist, to wanting to be a licensed practical nurse at a hospice. The loss of his mom was devastating but brought up an interest in end of life care that he is extremely passionate about.

Watching this transformation continually brought up questions in my own mind: What am I truly passionate about? Am I making a difference for others? Am I even making a difference for myself?

I had been feeling like a dead weight at my job for a while – not that I wasn’t doing a good job or even the best job that I could do at the time, I just always felt like I was coming up short of my own potential, like there was a road block between me and my best.

At this point, having spent only 3 weeks away from my job, I’m still not sure what will remove that road block, but I’m going to be following Tara Stiles’ advice until I figure it out.