Design challenge, day 8, dragon wisdom

Another quote from the land of Skyrim. The whole story of the game revolves around these dragons that are trying to take back the earth and ultimately just end everything. Paarthurnax, an old dragon, made the choice to be good and struggled through his own instincts to make it happen.

What is better - to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort? - Paarthurnax

Design challenge, day 2, Dovahkiin.

I couldn’t help but create something silly about Skyrim. I’ve put way too many hours into the game and still play on a fairly regular basis even though the game came out almost 2 years ago. It’s kind of like playing an MMO without the idiots.


Anyway… the challenging part of this was actually letting myself use Trajan (because I feel that it’s often overused) and finding a Celtic-inspired font that didn’t look like a smashed sweetroll. Well, that and drawing the sweetroll. These challenges are supposed to take .5-1 hour and both of these have taken about 2-3 hours. I think I need to let go a bit.