Design challenge, day 3, somewhere in the black hills of South Dakota…

This one’s a little morbid.

“Rocky Raccoon” by The Beatles popped into my head today.

I’ve actually never imagined this song to be about a raccoon. Having heard it over and over as a child, I would think that I would have had this whole little fantasy of a little raccoon, trying to gun down another raccoon and win back his little raccoon girlfriend.

But no. Rocky was always a human in my head.

Anyway, I heard the song in my head and started sketching a little raccoon. Then I thought it would be hilarious if Rocky had a giant hole in his chest from Dan (the girlfriend thief) while trying to convince the drunken doctor that he wasn’t hurt at all. Yeah. I’m messed up.


Doot doot dodododoot, doot doot dodo. Come on, Rocky boy.