Knitted: Doctor Who – Inspired Hat

INSULATE! Knitted Hat

After the train wreck that was my mug cozy, I felt like I needed to redeem myself as a knitter and I think I did, so I wanted to share this finished knitted object with you all.

I found the INSULATE! hat pattern by Amy van de Laar on Ravelry a few weeks ago when looking for something to knit with two skeins of yarn John bought for me. It’s a 2-color hat, covered in Daleks, and the pattern is free!

Luminous in the May Day colorway, by Sincere Sheep
Luminous in the May Day colorway, by Sincere Sheep
Polwarth Shimmer in the Plump colorway by Knitted Wit
Polwarth Shimmer in the Plump colorway by Knitted Wit

I wasn’t sure about knitting pink and purple Daleks, so I held off on knitting the hat, hoping to find a more appropriate use for the yarn. But the urgent need for a pick-me-up knit trumped my color concerns and I decided to cast-on earlier this week.

I loved working with these yarns. They are both 85% Polwarth wool and 15% silk. The wool makes the yarn squishy and the silk makes the yarn soft(er). They’re both hand-dyed and had slight variations in color. (And in case you’re wondering, which you’re probably not, fiber-enthusiasts care to know what kind of sheep their wool comes from, which is why it is known that this wool is from Polwarth sheep.)

Whovian in a knitted Dalek hat
Dalek hat and a Doctor Who reference on my shirt (not planned, but I have so many Whovian shirts, it was bound to happen)

Oh, how I love to knit a hat. They’re so quick to knit up and this one only had 3 ends to weave in when I was done — quick finishing FTW.

If you enjoy stranded colorwork, I’d definitely recommend this pattern. Amy (the designer) gives very clear instructions on how to knit the hat and how to knit it without needlessly wasting too much yarn. Rows with minimal color changes actually just use slipped stitches from the previous row so you don’t have to carry the other color around the back. Pretty snazzy!

In other knitting news, I started knitting a shirtie today (that’s a shirt and a hoodie). This is my first non-accessory garment that I will be knitting. I’m nervous but excited at the same time. Will keep you all posted!

Design challenge, day 6, designing a staff page.

As a web designer, I’m often challenged with tasks such as creating About pages and Staff pages for companies. I thought I’d try a Doctor Who themed staff page, where the company (TARDIS) is selling companions for time/space travel trips.

I’m staying within my 800×800 square design challenge space, so I just cut off the page at Amy and it only includes the “meat” of the page, not a website header, navigation, etc.

Each employee shows their name, job title, a unique identifier in red (each employee could be called out depending on their skills), and a mini bio.  I included a subtle call to action at the top of the page. And if you were to hover over any part of a team member’s bio, a call to action would popup to book a trip with them.

In working through this challenge, I realize that I often forget to include call to actions on a Staff page. For service based clients (which we often have), this is definitely a missed opportunity.

Doctor Who, TARDIS staff, web design

Self-imposed design challenge

I’ve decided to challenge myself to try to design something every day. Here’s day one, Doctor Who-inspired.

John and I devoured all seasons of Doctor Who available on Netflix last year. Now we’re waiting on the 50th anniversary episode to air next month. I’m very excited to see John Hurt as the Doctor.

Anyway, wish me luck in my endeavor towards better design!

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