Design challenge, day 6, designing a staff page.

As a web designer, I’m often challenged with tasks such as creating About pages and Staff pages for companies. I thought I’d try a Doctor Who themed staff page, where the company (TARDIS) is selling companions for time/space travel trips.

I’m staying within my 800×800 square design challenge space, so I just cut off the page at Amy and it only includes the “meat” of the page, not a website header, navigation, etc.

Each employee shows their name, job title, a unique identifier in red (each employee could be called out depending on their skills), and a mini bio.  I included a subtle call to action at the top of the page. And if you were to hover over any part of a team member’s bio, a call to action would popup to book a trip with them.

In working through this challenge, I realize that I often forget to include call to actions on a Staff page. For service based clients (which we often have), this is definitely a missed opportunity.

Doctor Who, TARDIS staff, web design

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