New Double Knit Pattern โ€‹+ A Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired Knitting Pattern Bundle

Dungeons & Dragons-inspired Knitting Pattern Bundle

Today, I’m welcoming Witch Bolt into the world (and by world, I mean Ravelry)! Witch Bolt is a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired, reversible double knit hat that is great for double knitting n00bs!

Witch Bolt - a double knit, reversible hat patternA beholder stands before you, ready to wipe out your entire knitting group in one fell swoop! Little does he know, you’re a Level 3 Knitting Wizard. You point your knitting needle towards the beholder and a beam of crackling energy launches and attaches to it! You’re able to defeat this giant beast with your knitting prowess alone!

Okay, that’s not exactly how a fight with a beholder would go, but we all know this is really about knitting. Witch Bolt is a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired double knit hat. You knit it up using two colors and when you’re done, it’s magically reversible! Just kidding, there’s no magic here, just your awesome knitting.

I have included links to video tutorials made by myself and others to get you up-to-speed on double knitting, so even if you’re a double knitting n00b, you can make this hat. This was one of my test knitter’s first double knit projects!

The color โ€˜pattern’ is very easy to memorize, making this knit fairly simple and brainless — I was able to knit this very easily while streaming on Twitch (and if any of you have watched a Twitch stream, you know how distracted a streamer can get with chat)! ๐Ÿ˜€

Get 3 Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired Knitting Patterns for $12!

Dungeons & Dragons-inspired Knitting Pattern Bundle

To celebrate the release of Witch Bolt, I have bundled up all three of my current Dungeons & Dragons-inspired hat patterns! (Yes, there are more D&D patterns coming! I can't stop dreaming about new ways to interpret spells into knitting. ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜)